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Bothell Real Estate

Bothell is a city in Washington that lies between two counties, King and Sammamish. It connects two lakes in Washington, which apparently makes for two great weekend destinations for the locals. The Lake Sammamish is routed to Lake Washington via the largest river, also named Sammamish.

One thing you may be interested to know about this place is the origin of the name. It’s a totally native sounding name, which it is. The Sammamish River was first established as a settlement prior to the occupation of the European settlers back in the 1800s. The Sammamish people, known to most of us as the Native Americans, planted crops and raised livestock along the river. The Issaquah Creek to the south of the Sammamish Lake, right near the upstream river flowing through it, was home to 200 native Sammamish people. In 1856, these people were relocated to a different settlement, right after the Puget Sounded War between the natives and the European settlers. That’s just a dip into the history of the place. There’s much to know about it for history buffs out there. It’s definitely an interest for many people.

Aside from history and geography, Bothell also has some of the well-developed neighborhoods in the two Counties. Among which are Canyon Park, Downtown Bothell, lake Pleasant (which is exactly as it sounds), Fitzgerald and Maywood, among many others.

Photos: Shoreline Area News blog; Explore Bothell

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