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Pierce County Real Estate

Pierce County, the second most populous county in Washington State, is composed of 24 towns and cities, each with a fair share of unique specialties. From the humble farmers to the retired big time professionals, Pierce County offers a combination of the simple and deluxe lifestyles, throughout the tranquil side of countryside towns and the busy lights of the cities.

Pierce County is nestled with spectacular saltwater beaches and mountain snow-capped peaks. It lets you admire and relax on the beauty and serenity of nature. Stroll in the county’s numerous stunning botanical gardens and trail facilities. Venture its diverse wildlife attractions. There are so many things to do here. Among which are adventures to various scenic tourist spots, such as the plush virgin forests of Grove of the Patriarchs, the prominent Narada Falls and the most notable Mount Rainier, the tallest volcano in the Cascade Mountain Ranges. Pierce County gives anyone a glimpse in the Washington’s root through its numerous historical museums and antique shops. The county’s colorful traditions and cultures are also displayed by the various festivals and fairs, one of which is the heavily visited Puyallup Fair. Anyone who seeks traditional entertainment is welcome to be a guest to its various theatres that house skilled symphonies, musicals, ballets and live comedy performance.

Photos: Brewbooks and Chris Fruitrich

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