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Seattle Real Estate

What’s not to love about Seattle? The amazing sights to see, the awe-inspiring beauty and the postcard-perfect skyline? There’s almost everything in Seattle that makes for a great city life. Add to that, Seattle is situated conveniently near Washington’s awesome natural sights. There’s really no getting tired of the city buzz when you can just up and leave anytime, and go tripping in the wilderness of Washington’s Mt. Rainier National Park.

Seattle, the seat of the King County, is also the largest city in the entire Northwestern US, not just Washington. The metropolitan area is as busy as the 3.4 million people residing in it.

For a quick history trivia, Seattle was once inhabited by Native Americans. It has been so for at least four thousand years. Yes. Seattle apparently predated the whole globalization era and the discovery of the great Western World. For a time, Seattle became a permanent home to the original white settlers that came with the European explorers. It was, in fact, also a landmark for the infamous Alaskan Klondike Gold Rush, if you ever hear of that.

Seattle isn’t just your picturesque cityscape with the buzz and the music, it’s also home to vast history and amazing people.

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