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Snohomish County Real Estate

Snohomish County showcases the inviting serene countryside of Washington. Surrounded by the refreshing blue waters of Puget Sound and the cool snow-capped Cascade Mountains, Snohomish County is located approximately 100 miles south of Skagit County and Vancouver and 12 miles north of Seattle and King County. Anyone can enjoy the county’s moderate climate all year round, from the warmest 75°F in summer to the coldest 33°F during winter.

Being the 13th biggest county in Washington and having a vast territory of approximately 2000 square miles, Snohomish County offers an overwhelming collection of entertainment and recreational activities. These include restaurants that offer delicious local treats and recipes, and historic museums, antique stores and galleries. The galleries display and sell both arts and crafts. Anyone is welcome to have fun in the busy and colorful nightlife of casinos and clubs, or take a tour to the distinguished Flight Aviation Center, the home of the historically notable Boeing series.

Those who prefer calming experiences are free to explore the varied range of the county’s natural attractions, perhaps take a scenic walk on the plush alpine meadows. Go on a picturesque drive along the famous Mountain Loop Highway. Or, take a soothing kayak and ferry ride to its sparkling rivers and seas. The list goes on.

Photos: Dave Morrow, Benagain Photos and Paul Hagelberg via Flickr

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