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Tacoma Real Estate

Tacoma is the third largest city in the U.S. state of Washington. With approximately 199,826 population, it serves as the center of business activity for the South Sound region. The city sits on Washington’s Puget Sound area, 51 kilometers southwest of Seattle, 50 kilometers northeast of the capital city Olympia. It’s nearness to Mount Ranier National Park is also a plus. “Tahoma,” the original form of Tacoma, was named after Mount Rainer, which was, at the time, called Mount Tahoma.

Known as the City of Destiny, Tacoma embraces globalization. It is home to the several international companies in various industries including as lumber, food manufacturing and information technology. Paper manufacturing also happens to be on the list. Today, manufacturing is the largest source of employment in Tahoma. Thirteen percent of the local residents are employed in this field, while retail trade comes in close second. The rest involved other aspects of trade, professional services and science and technology. That in mind, anyone of any profession will easily find a foothold in Tacoma’s growing economy.

Tacoma is great for both would-be settlers and vacationers. It is indeed a city of destiny with a great mix of arts and culture as well as nature and urban living.

Photos: Chris Fruitrich, Kristine Majul and Atomic Taco

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